Dr. Cindy Tutsch

Associate Director (Retired)
Ellen G. White Estate

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Dr. Tutsch

is available for lectures, sermons, plenaries, and workshops on 25+ ELLEN G WHITE related topics. Also available for church,  school,  or institutional heritage Weeks of Prayer (WoP titles are not listed – inquire for possibilities). Click the button below to peruse the most requested topics by presentation type and read overview of each. Submit your request using the ‘Request Visit’ link, making sure to include any questions or comments at the end of the form

Dr. Cindy Tutsch's Bio

Dr. Cindy Tutsch most recently served until retirement as an Associate Director of the Ellen G. White Estate at the General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists in Silver Spring, MD. Her position included promoting an enthusiasm and understanding for Ellen White cross-generationally. She has been a featured speaker at universities, convocations, Weeks of Prayer, camp meetings, and pastor-teacher training events in 61 countries in all thirteen Divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Dr. Tutsch earned the BA in religion from Andrews University, the M.A. in pastoral ministry from Indiana Wesleyan University, and the doctor of ministry with an emphasis in leadership from the Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. She has been involved in youth ministry, teaching, and evangelism for 45 years, as a pastor, Bible teacher, lay ministries coordinator, television host, literature-evangelism leader, and conference youth director. She initiated Youth Challenge in North America, an evangelistic outreach that uses teens to teach Bible studies and Revelation Seminars, do service projects for the community, and distribute gospel literature door to door. She is the recipient of several awards for excellence in ministry and teaching, and was an honored alumnus of Andrews University. She is the author of four books, including Ellen White on Leadership: Guidance for those who influence others, and scores of articles in Adventist publications. She and her husband, Ulrich, especially enjoy outdoor recreation with their children and grandchildren.


“I had the privilege of hosting Dr. Cindy Tutsch as a campmeeting preacher as well as a visiting preacher in our church plant. In both of these capacities, her ability to teach Scriptural and Spirit of Prophecy principles to both church members and non-members was remarkable. Her understanding and ability to contextualize these principles to "cross over cultural differences” is a gift from God. Dr. Cindy’s passion for ministry, family, and individuals drives her ministry to use all the gifts God has given her to honor her Lord, Jesus Christ.

“If you're looking for a lecturer to connect with all ages, cultures, secular/non-secular, and members, Dr. Cindy Tutsch is someone that you should invite. When she leaves your location, Jesus Christ will have been lifted up and those remaining will be motivated to implement the principles that she taught.“

Jeff Freeman, Pastor

Irish Mission; Church Planter with Adventist Frontier Missions

“We really appreciated Dr. Tutsch speaking at our recent Ellen G. White event hosted by the NPUC and Walla Walla University. Her presentations were very clear and helpful. Cindy showed how Ellen White’s writings speak to contemporary society today. God truly has given her the gift of speaking and she represented Him in a wonderful way through her messages."

Executive Secretary

North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

“Over the years, Cindy and I have had many interesting conversations and I have always found her to be a genuine Adventist Christian who loves Jesus. Not only is she very knowledgeable, but she also knows how to present the truth in a loving and kind way. Her presentations in Bible conferences and in Science and Religion conferences have been greatly appreciated. She also has a special gift of communicating with young people and has led many of them to Jesus.

“I can warmly recommend her ministry to young and old.”

GERHARD PFANDL, Ph.D., Associate Director (Retired)

Biblical Research InstituteGeneral Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

“After reading Dr. Cindy Tutsch’s book, Ellen White on Leadership, I recently invited her to Linda Vista University to do a Week of Prayer for the faculty and personnel. We were blessed as she helped us understand the way the Holy Spirit and the study of the Word and prayer set conditions for the much expected revival and reformation.

“Dr. Tutsch also provided time for our staff to dialogue with her personally on spiritual matters, on Ellen White’s counsels regarding specific topics, and on individual spiritual development.

“If you are looking for a speaker on spiritual leadership for your institution or congregation, I recommend Cindy Tutsch.”


Linda Vista University,

“I had the privilege of hosting Dr. Cindy Tutsch as a speaker in Townsville, Northern Australian Conference, of which I was the President at that time. Dr. Tutsch delivered 8 exceptionally well researched presentations on the life and prophetic ministry of Ellen G White. Her lectures were very well received by the audience consisting of our church pastors, Bible workers, schools teachers, and church members in general. I could not recommend Dr. Tutsch more highly to anyone who is looking for a good speaker on the topics of Ellen White, Revival and Reformation, and Church leadership in general.” 


Hamilton & Boolaroo
Churches, North NSW Conference, Australia

“Before I met Cindy Tutsch, I didn’t like Ellen White very much. She seemed to me like a very strict person. When I attended AFCOE Europe, Cindy Tutsch was our teacher about Ellen White. At first I wasn’t very excited about one full week of Ellen White instruction! But the more she talked about Ellen White, the more I started loving her. She told us many things about Ellen White as a person, and what God showed her. I came to really appreciate Ellen White through the instruction of Cindy Tutsch.

“Another thing I liked about the instruction was the Bible marking. I marked two of my Bibles with her 41 Bible studies and use them on a regular basis with Bible study contacts.* If you want to learn a lot about how to do mission work God's way, about Ellen White or about other biblical issues, Cindy Tutsch is a good choice to invite to your church, seminar or mission school.”

*Available from AdventSource.org as 41 Bible Studies for Teens by Cindy Tutsch



“Dr. Cindy Tutsch is an engaging and energetic preacher whose presentations are both relevant and grounded in the Word of God. Most of all, her love for Jesus is evident in her life and ministry. I highly recommend her as a speaker.”


Director, REACH Columbia
Union Urban Evangelism School
Lead Pastor, REACH Philadelphia SDA Church

“Cindy Tutsch loves Jesus and wants others to know Him too. This passion for the gospel of Christ has grown even stronger through the twenty-one years I have known her professionally. She is one of those people who is genuine through and through.

“She brings this passion and honesty to her sermons and lectures. If you can schedule her for a speaking engagement, you won't be disappointed.”


Glide and Turning Point
Seventh-day Adventist churches, Oregon

“Cindy Tutsch has presented hundreds of lectures on Ellen White at convocations, Bible Conferences, and many other venues. She has the ability to connect with varying audiences, showing Ellen White’s contributions and on-going relevance. Most importantly, Cindy describes how Ellen White is an agent to lead her readers to the Word of God and relationship with Jesus. I highly recommend her as a speaker on Ellen White themes.”

ED ZINKE, Vice-Chair

Board of Trustees; Ellen G. White Estate


Suitable for Divine Worship or Plenary

Ellen White on
Your Assurance of Salvation 

EGW'S counsel on the believer's assurance of salvation and freedom from guilt, including her own affirmation of belief. Includes interesting biographical information on Ellen White’s own spiritual development and practice.

Go! Tell It to the World

Who are we? Where did we come from? What is our mission? —An exegetical sermon on Revelation 10 and the Adventist movement in history.


Suitable for workshops/plenaries/break-out sessions at churches, pastors-teachers meetings,
camp meetings, Spirit of Prophecy Emphasis Weekends, administrators' leadership conferences, convocations, etc.

1. EGW: Who Was She and Why Does She Matter?

A personal look at Ellen White, her purpose, her role, and her humanity, including pictures of her family and the homes in which she lived. Includes hermeneutical principles for interpreting EGW in the 21st century. (PowerPoint)

2. Ellen White's Counsel to Pastors

Inspiration for pastors and spouses to find life-balance, with special emphasis on the need for spending time with their children; encouragement for those with adult children who have strayed from their spiritual roots; little known stories from the family life of James and Ellen. (PowerPoint)

3. The Eschatological Relevance of Ellen White in the 21st Century

Discussion of Ellen White’s comments on last day events, with particular emphasis on the increasing merger of religious and political elements. Do current societal trends, weather aberrations, global economy, and acts of terrorism validate Ellen White’s identification of end time scenarios in the The Great Controversy? This presentation focuses on EGW's impact on postmodern, globalized and pluralist Adventism. (PowerPoint suitable for pastors, theology students, academics.)

4. Ellen White and the Empowerment of Youth for Evangelism and Leadership

This workshop or plenary shows EGW's strong challenge to involve young people in the leadership, evangelism, and outreach of the Adventist movement. Encourages young people to get involved in evangelism and service, and encourages adults to provide them with opportunities for spiritual leadership. (PowerPoint)

5. Ellen White and Last Day Events

This workshop or plenary graphically illustrates EGW's ongoing relevance to such issues as the global economy, questions about 9-11, the Latter Rain, close of probation, and individual as well as corporate preparation for the final crises. (PowerPoint)

6. 19th Century Visionary; 21st Century Application

Ellen White had a strong environmental consciousness and was a strong advocate for care of the earth. Her progressive voice supported human rights grounded in the doctrine of Creation, which impacts our response to human trafficking, the shrinking of religious liberty, and Christian martyrdom in our contemporary context. She believed that whatever is done to improve the ecological environment of humanity is a step toward improving humanity spiritually, mentally, and physically. (PowerPoint - Particularly popular in college/university settings)

7. The Holy Spirit in Today's Crises

Amid the plethora of "finishing-the- work" theories, the function of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian is sometimes overlooked. Highlights: Requisites for the Latter Rain, Scope and Sequence of the gift of the Spirit, and the new birth experience. (PowerPoint)

8. Ellen White on Leadership and Character Development

Amid the diversity of leadership theories, the importance of character development in the life of a leader is sometimes overlooked. Fresh insights into Ellen White's principles of leadership. Includes principles from my book Ellen White on Leadership: Guidance for those who Influence Others (Cindy earned a Doctor of Ministry in leadership with emphasis on EGW and Leadership) (PowerPoint)

9. Praying in the Last Days

This presentation features thought-provoking insights from Ellen White's writings and from Scripture regarding how to pray, promises regarding prayer, warnings about circumstances where Satan answers prayer, and special encouragement for friends praying for friends and family. (PowerPoint)

10. EGW's Empowerment of an Inclusive Church

Shows EGW's strong interest in involving young people, women, and minorities in the leadership, evangelism, and life of the church. (This can also be presented in two segments: EGW and the Empowerment of Youth and EGW on the Roles of Women*) (PowerPoint)

11. Ellen White on the Roles of Women

Important study for both men and women, plus encouragement for women to be involved in all aspects of church and family life, especially witnessing and evangelism. Shows Ellen White as a warm, personable mother and grandmother as well as a bold visionary activist. (PowerPoint)

12. Biblical Basis for Prophetic Gifts

Exegesis of Scriptural passages relating to the source of inspiration, the process of distribution of Divine messages, and the authority of the spiritual gift of prophecy. (PowerPoint)

13. ELLEN WHITE: God's Nutritionist or The Food Police?

This compelling PowerPoint presentation includes up-to-the-minute graphics, pictures, scientific studies, and challenges to increase energy and decrease potential for life-threatening disease. Includes an intro to the nature of inspiration, how to find and apply the principle in today's context, and how to practice “compassionate health reform!” (PowerPoint)

14. Ellen White and the Loud Cry

This workshop traces the history of the publishing work from Ellen White's first vision of a stream of light encircling the globe, to the contributions of literature evangelists in being the first to bring the Adventist message to many countries of the globe, to the current challenge for youth to be part of the Loud Cry of Revelation 18 through the literature ministry. Particularly compelling for those involved in publishing or literature evangelism. (PowerPoint)

15. Ellen G. White and Leadership Principles and Theories

Fresh insights into Ellen White's principles of leadership and how she demonstrated these in her own life. (Derived from Cindy Tutsch’s doctoral dissertation) (PowerPoint)

16. Ellen White and the Family

Includes counsel on developing parenting skills, necessity of spending time with children in recreational activities as well as spiritual nurture, how spousal affection, loyalty, and quality of relationship affects the spirituality of your children. (PowerPoint)

17. Making Ellen White Family Friendly

How Ellen White's writings can be relevant to the needs and culture of young adults, teens and children. Presentation includes introduction of current products developed to enhance knowledge and appreciation of the Adventist heritage, such as apps and language-adaptations of EGW. (Workshop/break out session)

18. A Special Agent of the Kingdom of Heaven: Another Look at God’s Prophetic Messenger

An introduction to the work and contributions of Ellen White suitable for an evangelistic series, an annual sermon on the gift of prophecy, or other venues where Ellen White’s work and ministry could be reviewed. (PowerPoint)

19. The Light Still Shines


20. God’s Word: Where did it Come from and How can it Change YOU?

Ever wonder how the Bible came into being? Who selected the authors? When did the Bible as a collection of 66 books come together? With all the pressures and demands of 21st century living, why should you take time for daily Bible study? (PowerPoint)

21. The Waldenses: How their Story Intersects with Yours!

Enjoy a pictorial travelogue to Rome and northern Italy while hearing a narrative of faith, hope, and martyrdom. Poignant reminder of Jesus’ desire to endow each of us with more of the spirit of true devotion and firm adherence to principle that led many to lay down their lives for the sake of truth. (PowerPoint)


Witnessing and Outreach

How to Lead Someone to Christ

Includes steps in learning to give a three minute personal testimony, as well as how to make a gospel presentation appealing and relevant.

Witness in Your Own Harness!

Learn scores of ways to witness and reach out to your community through “tried and true” venues.

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