June 22-25, 2014 in St. Louis, MO FUNDING the 21st  Century CHRISTIAN SCHOOL
Bill McConkey Bob Rogalski Christina Hutchins Cindy Swinkwin Dan Krause David Paul Zimmerman Elisa Carlson Greg Ring Jim Frelig Jim McKenzie Mark Wilson Ophelia Barizo Ron Harris Teresa Kelchner Tom McClintock Wayne Baker
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sunday, june 22, 2014 Guests begin arriving
A must-attend event; registration starting as low as $409, CLICK HERE!  Since 2000, GraceWorks Ministries has guided more than 2,000 Christian schools in 47 states, 5 provinces in Canada and Singapore into health. GraceWorks consultants train and coach your Christian school to visioning health, marketing health, leadership health, capital campaign health, start up health, school board health and much more. We are pleased to share with you our national inaugural conference:  Funding the 21st Century Christian School, the ONLY event of its kind for exclusively for Christian schools. Register Now for this Can’t Miss Event! Conference highlights include expert motivational and informational speakers that show you how to increase funding and build capacity, a tour of a model Christian school; active participation in a “live” funding dinner, re-enacting a successful fundraising event that nets >$280K for needs-based scholarships; a plethora of take-home resources and tips for success, and so much more.  CLICK HERE to REGISTER TODAY.   You will walk-away from this dynamic exchange of best practices with proven actionable techniques that you can begin to use at your school right away.  We expect your experience will be as important as what you will learn.   You WILL learn: How one school raises $280K in 1 night year after year How one school pays their teachers 20% more than public school teachers How one teacher raised >$800K in grants to teach kids science How to get rid of discounts and give your teachers raises at the same time How to increase financial stability using aggressive financial aid How one school more than double their tuition and doubled their enrollment How to build capacity at a small school This is a must-attend event for small and big school administrators, principals, headmasters, superintendents, school board leaders and members, fund developers, development directors, finance directors, business managers, marketing directors, admissions directors, Christian school associations, Christian school denominations, conferences, dioceses, unions, pastors, ministers, and volunteers. There is ONLY one thing to do….Join US in St. Louis.
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Dan Krause GraceWorks Ministries Founder / President
Bill McConkey McConkey-Johnston International Chairman
Ray Webb GraceWorks Ministries Vision Planning Consultant
Rev. Dr. David-Paul Zimmerman GraceWorks Ministries Senior Administrator
Rev. Wayne Baker GraceWorks Ministries Senior Consultant
Ophelia Barizo Highland View Academy Einstein Fellow / Distinguished (STEM) Educator
Elisa Carlson Central Christian Schools Head Administrator
Tom McClintock GraceWorks Ministries Adjunct for Marketing
Bob Rogalski GraceWorks Ministries Annual Funds / Marketing Consultant
Jim McKenzie GraceWorks Ministries Enrollment Consultant
WORKSHOP #1 (5 Sessions / 5 Tracks)
Marketing: Enrollment Closing —Dan Krause Ongoing Funding: How I Raised Over $700,000 in Annual Funds on a $250,000 Goal (Two Years in a Row) —Del Brouwer Capital/Major Gifts: Vision-Centered Capital Campaigns —Ron Harris Finance: How We Dropped All Automatic Discounts in 1 Year (And Lost only 1 Student) —Elisa Carlson Small Schools: How I Grew My School from 140 to 285 in Four Years (And Raised My Tuition from $4,000 to $6,300 at the Same Time!) —Jim McKenzie
Marketing: Word of Mouth Marketing  —Teresa Kelchner Ongoing Funding: The Amazing Annual Fund - Part 2 —Bob Rogalski Capital/Major Gifts: Essentials of Capital Campaign Pre-Planning —Dr. Ron Harris Finance: How to Know if You are Giving Away Too Much Financial Aid —Dan Krause Small Schools: From 88 to 105 in an Old Building in the Middle of China Town - in 1 Year —Karen Blatt
WORKSHOP #2 (5 Sessions / 5 Tracks)
Marketing: Marketing Through Churches  —Teresa Kelchner Ongoing Funding: Understanding Cause Concepts - Part 1 —Bill McConkey Capital/Major Gifts: Support Studies - a New Concept for Pre- campaign Studies —Ron Harris Finance: How to Increase the Financial Stability of Your School Through Aggressive Financial Aid —Dan Krause Small Schools: Hope and Help for Denomination Schools
WORKSHOP #3 (5 Sessions / 5 Tracks)
Marketing: Retention Essentials  —Wayne Baker Ongoing Funding: Understanding Cause Concepts - Part 2 —Bill McConkey Capital/Major Gifts: Conducting a Wills Emphasis Campaign  Finance: From Full Cost Pricing to Value Pricing —Dan Krause & Jim McKenzie Small Schools: How We Doubled Our Tuition, and Our Enrollment - in Less than 1 Year —Janet Armstrong
WORKSHOP #4 (5 Sessions / 5 Tracks)
Marketing: Internet & Social Marketing  —Tom McClintock Ongoing Funding: Hosting Your Own Pledging Dinner —Mark Wilson Capital/Major Gifts: How Major Gifts Really Work Finance: RPM - The Essentials of Financial Management —Wayne Baker Small Schools: How I Grew My School from 140 to 300 (and Raised My Tuition from $4,000 to over $6,000 at the same time) —Jim McKenzie
WORKSHOP #5 (5 Sessions / 5 Tracks)
8 Keys to Successful Fundraising —Bill McConkey How I Pay My Teachers 20% More Than Seattle Public Schools —David-Paul Zimmerman The Vision Driven Christian School —Dan Krause & Ray Webb Your Rx for Fiscal Health- GraceWorks Ministries—David-Paul Zimmerman Pre-Session How I Raised $800,000 in Grants to Teach My Students Science —Ophelia Barizo
sunday, june 22, 2014 Welcome to St. Louis!   12 noon - 10:00 pm Check-in 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm FREE Bonus Session Marketing: Online Answers to Christian School Challenges - Dan Krause and Tom McClintock 9:00 pm Snack Workshops: Monday — Wednesday     Enjoy the Fellowship!
Mark Wilson Lincoln Christian School Superintendent / Secondary Principal
Teresa Kelchner GraceWorks Ministries Senior Marketing Consultant
Janet Armstrong Tree of Life Christian Preparatory School Principal / Teacher
Karen Blatt Flushing Christian School Director
Del Brouwer Christian Schools Development Consultant
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