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Blackberry Roasted Pepper Jam is delightfully MILD with the earthy sweetness of blackberries just off the vine. Hickory smoked peppers lend to it’s unique flavor and blend wonderfully with a turkey club and gouda cheese.


"Located on a sunny slope in Murphy, NC, Misty Mountain Garden provides 95% of all the peppers used in our jams. It provides food for our family in the summer and winter, and many meals for friends. Ma’am’s Hot Jam is made at a local community center kitchen and Misty’s kitchen, both certified by the NC Department of Agriculture. "I credit my parents and grandparents for instilling my love for gardening and quality, sustainably grown food preserved well." ~ Misty
Misty - Owner "Misty grew up roaming the hills of Western NC while learning to garden, developing a sense of adventure, a love for all things outdoors, and a strong work ethic. Years later she returned to her hometown of Murphy to raise her boys as a single mother. Her desire to live with passion, love, and integrity while teaching her children the rewards of hard work are the foundation of Ma'am's Hot Jam. Ma'am's is an acronym for Misty and her children - Misty, Aiden, And Mathias. Misty’s goal is to see a sweet, spicy world full of joyful abundance and adventure."
Contact Us You can best reach us via phone or email. If you are wondering where to get your hot little hands on a jar or two of our ‘sweet heat’, they can be found either on the shelves of our vendors or can be ordered through our Etsy page. ADDRESS PO Box 897 Murphy, NC 28906 e: support@maamshotjam.com p: (828) 482-9549


A trip to the tropics with a kick! Our Pineapple Jalapeno Jam is MEDIUM heat and a favorite with many of our customers. This Jam pairs very well with crackers and cream cheese and makes a sumptuous glaze on grilled shish kabobs!


Your taste buds will tingle with our HOT, Peach Three Pepper Jam. Savor all the summer goodness of fresh peaches and the winter heat of sitting fireside in one jar! Our favorite way to eat this jam is with caramel chocolate!


Our Blueberry Seven Pepper Jam with FIRE heat, is robustly flavorful thanks to 5 hot peppers and 2 sweet peppers. This jam is excellent on any grilled meat, and a favorite party favor served on a wedge of melted brie with crackers or chips.
Ma’am’s Hot Jam Gift Wrapped Set This gift item includes all four of our jam flavors, one of each: Blackberry Roasted Pepper Jam, Pineapple Jalapeno Jam, Peach Three Pepper Jam and Blueberry Seven Pepper Jam in 8 oz jars. We carefully gift wrap these in gift crates (not handmade) and ship the gift to your loved ones. $45.00
Ma’am’s Hot Jam Sampler - 4 oz Receive one 4 oz jar of each of our delicious jams in this Sampler Pack! $24.00
Ma’am’s Hot Jam 4 pack - 8 oz Receive one 8 oz jar of each of our delicious jams! $32.50
Ma’am’s Hot Jam CASE - 4 oz Choose TWELVE 4 oz Jars of YOUR favorite flavor! Let me know in the order message which flavors you want! $.50 OFF PER JAR + FREE SHIPPING $60.00


Visit any of these vendors to get a jar or two of Ma’am’s Hot Jam right away!
"Every jar of Ma’am’s Hot Jam includes peppers from Misty Mountain Garden, Non-GMO certified pure cane sugar, apple cider vinegar, 100% fruit juice, Pacific Pectin brand pectin, and Non-GMO organic food grade citric acid. Natural, high quality fruits with no artificial flavors, colors or additives are used. Ma'am's Hot Jam is vegan, kosher, and gluten free."
Blairsville: Amoree’s Closet General Supply Blue Ridge: Mercier Orchards Young Harris: Essence of Rose

Flavors Include:

Blackberry Roasted Pepper Jam (mild) Pineapple Jalapeno Jam (medium)
Peach Three Pepper Jam (hot) Blueberry Seven Pepper Jam (fire)
We often offer free samples at various events, so check out our locations to try our jams! Be warned tho, once you start a jar of jam, it disappears fast! Many of our customers buy two jars just so they don't run out.
"Sustainable gardening practices, including crop rotation, cover crops, vermiculture, organic fertilizers and insect control are employed whenever possible. For those interested in growing and preserving their own food, “How To” videos are available on our Ma’am’s Hot Jam YouTube channel and our Facebook page ."
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Word on the street is that the sweet heat of Ma’am’s Hot Jams has got our customers and vendors talking! Here’s what they’re saying:
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